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RTES - Realbasic Terminal Emulation Suite

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RTES is a crossplatform library designed to make implementing a terminal emulator significantly easier. First a list of terminals currently emulated. Please note that those marked with * are currently in progress and can be found in the current CVS and not necessarily in the last release of RTES.

* VT52
* VT102

But why use RTES? You'll want to use it because it does for terminal emulation what RB does for programming: frees you up from trivial concerns so you can focus on what's unique to your program. At the heart are the following abstract classes:

AbstractTerminalDisplayCanvas contains the core of routines needed to emulate a terminal display including drawing routines. It supports the following features:
- Fast Scrolling complete with scrollback buffering, scrollbar that is as easy to implement as command-drag.
-Logging both the raw data being sent to the display as well plain text
-Threaded to allow seamless integration in your GUI
-Support for both Underlined and block cursors

-Highly configurable with most options readily available in the IDE from fonts, screensize, to memory requirements.


AbstractTerminalCommunicator contains the core of routines needed to communicate with a remote terminal. This is currently in planning stages and we hope to provide a common interface to support both modem and telnet connectivity.